How to Prepare and Succeed Your First Job Interview

If it is your first job interview, it definitely shows that you have no experience and that you are likely to commit the common mistakes.
At we will help you understand what is expected of you and how to go through the job interview process successfully.

Take a breathe

Sometimes when in an interview things get a little tense. The best thing to do is take in deep slow breathes and then breathing out at a consistent pace repeatedly. This will help you relax your muscles and mind. Fear expresses the lack of confidence in oneself and is likely to be noted by your interviewer as a weakness. Exercise on the many ways of getting rid of the fear.


Before going for a job interview, it is important to prepare adequately. The best way of preparing for a job interview is to carry out a detailed research on the organization and the job you are applying for specifically. Research on the questions you think you are likely to be asked. Attempt each question and ask for guidance from a friend you trust most. Carry out research on their goals, core values and anything relevant. Most interviewers enquire of their company’s history. All this should be at your fingertips. If tough questions are asked, the best way is to remain calm and confident.

Be authentic

Most online literature urges interviewees to state their weakness which are considered positive. It is important to be honest and to state your true weakness and how you always overcome those weaknesses. If you have a weakness, do not refrain from speaking your thoughts. This will give the interviewer a true picture of who you really are. Interviewers will consider you honest and faithful hence making you a suitable character for that particular job you are applying for.

Be confident

It is important to portray confidence. In spite of your body size and shape, you should not be easily put off. Stand by your qualifications and achievements. Be concise and to the point. Do not let your interviewer put you off. Show them that you are really worthy of the job you are applying for. Stand out and distinguish yourself from the rest of the applicants.

Avoid vagueness

When using a phone call for an interview, maintain a clear tone. Speak with confidence to your interviewer. You should be able to give him a clear picture of who you really are even before you two meet.