How to Order

The Order Process

Order your service online with

Choose from the packages listed below and follow the flowchart.

Step 1: Choose your Package

Choose from the package that you require. Click on BUY NOW listed beside the service type

Step 2: The Shopping Cart

After you have selected your service, you can either go back to choose other services your require by clicking on CONTINUE SHOPPING

Step 3: My Account

3. a. If you are a new Customer, please fill out the form for NEW CUSTOMERS.
Make sure you enter all required fields before you submit.

3. b. If you have already signed up, please login via EXISTING CUSTOMERS.

Step 4: Checkout

Once you have signed in, you will be directed to the checkout page.
Review the details, primarily your email address as we will deliver the service requested via EMAIL.
Review your order details.

Step 5: Payment Gateway

Once you have clicked on PLACE ORDER, you will be directed to the secure payment gateway of
Review your order summary.
Login in via your PAYPAL account / create a PAYPAL account.
Review your payment method.
Click on PAY NOW.

Step 6: Payment Snapshot

Once you have cleared the payment, please take a snapshot of the payment receipt and send to

Step 7: Phone and Email Confirmation

Once you have successfully placed your order with, you shall receive a telephonic and email confirmation from our consultant in 24 business hours.
If you have any specific requirement, you can discuss it with the consultant.
If there is information missing, the consultant will request the required information during the screening.
For other orders such as CV distribution, Company Database, etc., the process will be communicated by email and telephone.

The Process of CV Preparation

1. Place your CV writing Order by choosing the packages listed on PRICING page.
2. Share the snapshot of the payment on
3. Receive payment confirmation and order confirmation from in 24 working hours.
4. Avail telephone/email consultation with the CV consultant
5. Share relevant details
6. Receive first draft in 4 Business Days
7. Review the first draft and share your feedback. This is the phase wherein you have to communicate any changes or updates in your new CV.
8. Receive final draft in 48 hours post sharing your feedback.