Cover letter tips for the graduates

Job markets today are extremely competitive. Majorly contributed by the large number of individuals joining universities with an aim of achieving a white collar job. Most employers in many companies look for very competitive, intelligent, highly skilled individuals who are suited for jobs. As a graduate, you should know what is expected of you when drafting a cover letter.

Here are a few guidelines that our experts at find essential for a graduate’s cover letter.
The human resource managers have high expectations of graduates. Meaning you have to choose accurately your language and pin point every necessary detail for a cover letter. Most employers judge your curriculum vitae by a single look of your cover letter. If you draft a vague cover letter, you are likely to be ignored. Make it clear and precise this will increase chances of your cover letter to be read.

Most importantly, you as a graduate should be able to direct every explanation in respect to the specific job you are applying for. In other terms, align your cover letter specifically to the organization you are applying for in particular. This will make you relevant and straight forward. Spend enough time on your cover letter this will eliminate any misspellings and grammatical errors.

Give your employer an undoubtable reason of employing you. State your achievements and skills relevant to the applied position clearly. Give your experiences a good professional look and make your employer yearn to meet you or contact you. In other terms, you need to make your cover letter interesting because many individuals are applying for the same job too. This will make you stand out as a more competent person than the others.

It is also important to keep your cover letter short, simple and to the point because you don’t want to waste the human resource managers time. Most of the recruiters encounter many letters of applicants. If you want your cover letter to be read you have to create a strong positive impact with your words. Another important thing to consider is the use of initials when addressing long structured commonly known words. Refrain from the use of initials instead write the whole words. This will give your recruiter ample and humble time when reading your cover letter.

Finally, as a graduate you should sound polite but still maintaining the formal language. This will portray you as a respectful candidate hence likely to be considered first for the applied job.