No Interviews? Tips to Improve your CV Success Rate in Job Search

Landing job interviews may not sound as easy as it looks. While your CV is the first step to land an interview call, you may miss it due to a poor CV. Below are few tips from to help you improve your CV success rate in job search.

Let Your CV have Focus

Do not just apply for all jobs you come across. Nobody likes spammers, and if an employer determines that you are a spammer, you will be blacklisted. The mistake most people do is going around applying in any job they come across. Have a focus on what you really need. Make sure that you apply for jobs that you are sure you are qualified in. Be certain that you will enjoy such a job if you get hired to work in that position. Just focus on the jobs you are sure you will be happy and successful.

Yes, Do Speculate

If changing careers, a little bit of speculation can boost your chances of getting a better job. Try out making applications in new jobs that you hold no experience in. However, before dropping your application, ensure that you have done your research. Be sure you understand what the position requires of its applicants and successful candidates. Make sure that you understand the needs of the potential employer, however, new the job is. Just try out new things and be sure that you are professional in doing it.

Consider the company Values and Culture

The modern world is moulded by ethics and morals. Do not just drop your CV in any company. If your CV is to be as successful as you want to be, make sure that you are applying in companies with proven morals, ethics, culture and values. Such companies treat their applicants with the respect they deserve, and you are sure that your application will be considered. If hired in such a firm, you are sure that you will enjoy in working for such a company.

Be Known

You need a network of friends and professionals who will guide you the next available positions. Most openings today are not advertised that much. People get hired through word of mouth. You need to have connections with individuals that can point to you when there is an open position. This is how best your CV could be more successful.

Maintain a Clean Profile Online

Most employers today will check an applicant’s online profile before they decide to hire. Make sure that your online profile is clean and ethical at all times. People with dirty profiles are often rejected by the modern employer. A clean social media profile will give an indication of how responsible you are thereby enhancing your chances of being employed.