How to Keep Calm in a Job Interview

Job interviews have always posed a challenge to many interviewees. It is easy to fail this job interviews even if you the right person for that particular job. The major problem that affects most job interviewees is the lack of the ability to keep calm.

At the we help job interviewees tackle such a problem in a better and easy way.

Use of Skype

Skype enables one to interact with an interviewer without necessarily having his or her presence around. Not many people are confident and able to maintain an eye contact. Skype can be effective when dealing with such a problem. The best way is to try to talk to someone who is complacent with such problem for a long term resolution.

Locate a quiet place

This can also do the trick. For instance, if you start sweating and shaking the best way is to sneak to a quiet environment. Choose a place that makes you comfortable and calm. Take a deep breath and try to relax. A place with a cool breeze can be good to the body. This will definitely relieve some tension and improve your composure.


Most people fail job interviews because they don’t make adequate preparations. The best thing to do is to carry out a detailed research on your interviewer. This will help you have a clear picture and mind of who you are going to face in your job interview.

Adequate preparation

Make an adequate preparation especially in the questions you are likely to face. Most of the questions asked are almost the same. Try answering them one after the other. Talk to someone experienced in that particular job. Practice with friends or with anyone you are confident around. This will help you retain a state of calmness.

Be honest and open

As much as you have to answer every question asked, it is important also to be honest. Sometimes interviewees are not able to answer all questions correctly. If you do not understand the questions asked, ask the interviewer to repeat or to clarify the questions presented. The other best way is to pause and think about the questions asked. This will give you enough time to think and come up with the best suitable answer.

Build up your confidence

The best way is to record yourself. Picture yourself being asked the questions and try tackling them. Draft answers to the questions as you recite them over and over. This will help build up your confidence.