Top LinkedIn Tips for Student Employability

LinkedIn is growing to be a popular avenue that employers are looking to when hiring. Most employers are now considering LinkedIn profiles when reviewing the suitability of applicants to open positions. This is why grad students have to maintain fully developed LinkedIn profiles. We at urge students to set up their LinkedIn profiles at an early stage.

LinkedIn writing Consultation in Dubai offered by can help you stay out and stay ahead. Below are useful top tips that students should consider when creating LinkedIn profiles.

Get LinkedIn Early

You need to sign up for your LinkedIn account early. In fact, make sure that you have your LinkedIn account in your first year in college. Complete your profile and be sure to include a presentable photo as your profile image. Make sure you are active on LinkedIn all through your years in college.

Develop LinkedIn Networks

LinkedIn is largely dominated by professional entities and individuals in a wide range of fields. Make sure you join the groups that align well with your desired field. Make sure that you connect with at least 100 individuals from a wide range of fields. Do not stop at just connecting; make sure you maintain a consistent interaction with those you are connected with. Jus be an active member of the groups you will be accepted into on LinkedIn.

Display Everything about Your Profile

The good thing about studentship is that you can do just about anything. You are never limited to anything. Therefore, make sure that your LinkedIn lists everything that you do. LinkedIn does not limit the number of activities you can list so just list everything that you think can add to your employability. Make sure all that you add works positively to influence employers to hire you. Just use LinkedIn to show how good an employee you can be if an employer chose you over others.

Regular Updates

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated every now and again. If you finish up with a specific short course, make sure you update it on your LinkedIn profile, if you finish a specific chapter in your course of learning, and make sure you mention it on your profile. This is how best to keep your potential employers updated about the qualifications you are continuously acquiring.

Use it as PR Tool

LinkedIn is the perfect PR tool you need. Market yourself to a wide range of potential employers out there. Recent stats have shown that employers are turning to LinkedIn to find employees for their open positions. So, market yourself as the best employee over all others that are competing for the open positions. Let our LinkedIn experts at help you out in developing a working LinkedIn profile.