What's Your Job Search IQ?

What isIQ?

The full form IQ is intelligence quotient and the literal meaning of this term is mental horsepower.An IQ is a quick way to determine your mental horsepower.

Have you ever thought of how smart you are and exactly how well you fare when you are compared to others of your age in terms of intelligence? You can get a very good idea about your intelligence level by determining your IQ which is usually done through a test in which a lot of questions are asked in a set pattern. If you have a high IQ level then you will be able to do more number of questions faster. Multiple tests have been created till date to test the IQ of people.

What does Job Search IQ mean?

Job Search IQ means the amount of smartness and intelligence that one uses to search and find out suitable jobs in the market that matches one’s personality, qualification, tastes and preferences. There is no theoretical way to determine the job search IQ like there is for emotional quotient, IQ and similar other things. Hence, you cannot determine your level of job search IQ. It is a general term used to express the amount of energy, smartness and intelligence that one has in him to search relevant jobs for himself in the market and how well he uses these qualities to find a suitable match.

Why is the process of job hunting so difficult nowadays?

Today’s job market is extremely competitive, much more than ever before. Moreover, the sluggish economy, fluctuation recession and the fall of currency value in many countries (like India) have created additional problems for the job seekers and have made their lives extremely difficult. On top of this, the rapid advancement and growing demands of technology and specialization are creating new challenges for job seekers everyday.As it is, the task of job hunting is extremely difficult, tiring and boring. Plus, it takes a lot of time. Hence, for many people it is a much dreaded task. Thus, what many people do is, they outsource this challenging task to a third party and get it done.

There are many reputed firms which have specialized job experts and resume writers (like resume.ae which is a Dubai based company famous for CV writing in Dubai) located all over the world. Today, many people all over the world rely on their services rather than creating resumes themselves because their team of professional experts produces best in class and uniquely special kind of resumes which stand out of the market above the rest and help their clients get noticed (at the resume filtering round) and shortlisted for the next rounds of selection.

What do the job searching experts do?

Job searching is a very tedious activity and takes a lot of time and effort of the candidates. The job searching experts take this difficult task on themselves and with their finest quality job searching IQ, they assist their clients to get to the interviews. The company resume.ae has three different teams of people to look after three different stages of job assistance which are:

• Resume writing service
• Job seeking assistance
• Resume review and job searching advice

What do you need to become a good job searching agent?

In order to execute a highly successful job search, you need to have a sound knowledge of the job market and for this you definitely need to do a thorough research on the industry by using a variety of different channels and network and also regular follow ups with your clients after sending resumes.

Savvy job hunters are well-informed, connected through a strong network and are also professional career counselors or consultants. They can also provide valuable insight on employment trends and real-time market feedback too.

They are proactive and even have access to jobs that are not advertised or, jobs that you may not know of but are beneficial to you. Research shows that a large percentage of jobs are found in the hidden job market, where jobs are not advertised publicly. If you possess good job searching IQ, you might be able to bag some of these jobs well in time.

How to raise your job search IQ in a tough job market?

Barring a few, everyone is worried about the job market right now because of a number of factors like slow economy, falling currency rate, hike in prices of goods and etcetera which are causing great damage to the market. Although many are hoping for a recovery soon but no one actually knows when the economy will spring back. Hence, the best and the wisest advice in today’s time will be to keep on searching and do not wait for the situation to get better. It is always better to stay ahead of the curve.