Has LinkedIn Taken Over CV?

CVs have been, until recently, the most popular way to summarize one’s credentials when in search for a job. However, the adoption of social media in the world has changed that trend of CV popularity. LinkedIn, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, is fast overtaking the CV in job seeking ventures.

At Resume.ae we will give you guidelines and tips on how to build a dynamic LinkedIn Profile. Below is a comparison between the CV and LinkedIn to help you understand the difference and make a better choice.

The Differences

A CV is a static document which once written, remains on paper until after quite some time before it is updated. It is a limited document, and only the most appealing credentials can be listed on it. Just like most other print documents, the CV is fast losing its appeal among employers who are growing tech-savvy by the day. On the other hand, LinkedIn is an online platform that can be updated just about any time. You can list all your credentials without the worry of any limit. LinkedIn provides the ample space to adjust your portfolio from time to time without the worry of rigidity as it is with the CV.

The Hiring Panel

Most hiring panels are resorting to LinkedIn and abandoning the traditional CV. Maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile will give you an edge over most other job seekers. Just make sure your LinkedIn profile is always updated. List all your professional and academic qualifications and emphasize on your work history on your LinkedIn profile. Just like in the CV, it is what the hiring panel will direct their attention to.

What Most People Miss

Most people have an incomplete LinkedIn profile. They just sign up their LinkedIn accounts and leave it at that. To get the best out of LinkedIn, you need to build a complete profile. You must add a presentable profile photo there. Just make it appealing and a worthy portfolio that will get you employed.

Be Authoritative

Once you are on LinkedIn, be sure you have a voice. Make sure other LinkedIn users feel your presence. Be active in the groups you will join. Ensure you share important insights that can help others. Once other users determine how helpful you are, be sure your network of contacts will grow beyond your expectations.

Do Not Abandon Your CV

You will always need an updated CV. Just because you have a fully developed LinkedIn profile does not mean you dump your CV. Employers will always need a CV so your LinkedIn profile should be treated as a complementary profile. Always maintain an up to date CV with you. Just be on the safe side.

What You Need

You need to have an updated CV at all times. As recruiters are turning to LinkedIn, you will need a fully developed LinkedIn Profile. Let our experts at resume.ae help you build a complete and tactical LinkedIn profile.
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