10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn profile writing can be your first step to stand out and stay ahead of other. Our experts at resume.ae understand professional requirements can help you get the best out of your LinkedIn profile. Here are some useful tips that will help you build a proficient profile.

Create a Complete Profile

Most individuals make the mistake of signing up on LinkedIn and just stopping it at that. While signing up for a LinkedIn account is a positive step, it counts for nothing if you do not complete your profile. You should invest time to complete your complete profile. This is how best you can get the most out of LinkedIn.

Join Interesting Groups

You must join interesting groups on LinkedIn. After completing your profile, join groups based on the activities that match with your interests. You stand to gain so much by joining such groups.

Use LinkedIn Signal to Create Contacts

Use LinkedIn Signal to find friends who you share interests with. On the search box option, change the people option to updates. When you type in a specific, name, word or phrase, LinkedIn lists all other individuals who are interested in that search.

Be Authoritative

Once you are on LinkedIn, be sure you have a voice. Make sure other LinkedIn users feel your presence. Be active in the groups you will join. Ensure you share important insights that can help others. Once other users determine how helpful you are, be sure your network of contacts will grow beyond your expectations.

The ‘People You May Know’ Feature

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people you may know. This is a list drawn from you email and phone contacts. By connecting to the people you may know, you will have built a network of friends who can be of great help in your cause.

Earn Credibility from Other Users

Keep on sharing knowledge that will help other users. Sooner than later, other LinkedIn users will turn to you for help in the topics you best understand. This is how credibility is earned.

Announce Events through Your Status Bar

When attending an event that may be of interest to others, make sure you announce it on your status bar. Other LinkedIn users will learn of the event and will be interested in following you for future updates on such events. This is another way of building updates.

Use the ‘LinkedIn Today’ Feature

Share content quickly using the LinkedIn Today feature. This feature allows you to share daily events that you will be working in or interested in.

Personalize your Linked Address

Make it easier for you to be found on LinkedIn. Adjust your public profile settings so that other users can easily find you when searching for your profile.

Research Your Industry

Be sure of the current trends in your industry. This is another way to earn credibility from other LinkedIn users.
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