Making Yourself Visible to Employers Online through LinkedIn

How visible are you for your employers to find you? If I searched your name on any search engine, will it come up on the searches? Well, be very worried if Google and other search engines do not know you exist. Again, be very worried if the links that pop up when searches on your name are done lead to unprofessional profiles that you never want to share.

LinkedIn has the ability to develop your visibility online. Most recruiters are turning to LinkedIn to scout for capable employees to feel their open positions. Therefore, when you drop your application to an employer, however qualified you are, be wary of employers who will conduct online searches to see if you have a professional profile on any online platform.

LinkedIn, the largest network of professionals in the world, is consistently growing to be an important tool to determine who get hired and who does not. Creative job seekers are turning to LinkedIn to creatively increase their visibility to hiring panels. Employers are also turning to relying on LinkedIn to determine who best suits their needs so as to feel the vacancies they may be having in their firms. Here are important things you need to do to increase your online visibility as regards to LinkedIn and Twitter.

Use Twitter to Update your LinkedIn Status

You now can use twitter to update your LinkedIn status. If you tweet a post you believe is worthy sharing on your LinkedIn profile, you can just use automatic LinkedIn Update feature to ensure that it is published on your LinkedIn profile without having to log in to your account. This works to increase your online visibility online; both on twitter and LinkedIn.

Organize your Contacts

You have to list those people you have in your contacts into easy to access categories. If you have possible employers, list them into the employers’ category. If you have companies, list them in the companies’ category. Do this for your regular friends and all other members that you have in your network.

Just Keep Working on your Visibility

Make sure that your visibility online is worked on regularly. You can keep on posting on twitter, participate on LinkedIn discussion and participate in any other online social forums. However, you should ensure that all your comments, online profiles and any other aspect of your online visibility portray you as a professional and presentable person.

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