Our Services

1. CV Writing Service

Is your CV a flawless, compelling document that reflects your professional excellence? If you aren’t sure about it, keep in mind it just takes 10 seconds for an employer to judge you looking at your CV. In today’s highly competitive world, a professionally crafted CV is a must to stand out among other similar job seekers. Communicating professional qualification and experience in 10 seconds is harder than it seems. At resume.ae, we provide one of the best CV writing services in Dubai. Our experts are all set to help you build an exceptional CV highlighting all the skills acquired over years of your hard work.

2. CV Distribution Service

With a lot of job opportunities around, you may find it hard to get your resume in the hands of top employers in the industry and finally end up losing perfect opportunities. CV distribution is not just emailing your resume recruiters. At Resume.ae, we provide one of the best CV distribution service in Australia and Dubai. We implement focused and customized approach to recommend your profile to employers interested in your profile.

3. Interview Training

The Interview training program at Resume.ae help you get over nervousness, boost your confidence and thereby increase the scope of success at the interviews. The wealth of experience of our experts at resume.ae will be you prepare, try and perform effectively at the interviews. The customized techniques and skill sets that we share will help you stand out among other applicants. Resume.ae provides one of the best interview training services in Qatar.

4. LinkedIn Profile Writing

With the advancing technology, recruiters now prefer LinkedIn to look for candidates. A well-crafted professional profile increases your possibility of getting into the job that you want. At Resume.ae, we provide one of the best LinkedIn Profile writing services in London. We ensure usage of right keywords to take you ahead in the competition.

5. Recruitment

Hiring a perfect candidate can be a tedious job. Not every firm has a dedicated HR team to manage recruitment. Resume.ae understands the detailed requirements of recruiters and helps them to hire the right candidate. At Resume.ae, we have a huge database of qualified and approved CVs across various sectors. Our consultants handle all your hiring needs and work towards fulfilling your full time, part time or contractual positions. Resume.ae provides excellent recruitment services in Dubai and Singapore.

6. CV Assessment

A CV is a gateway towards your interview. You need to carefully draft your CV so as to attract employers. If you haven’t been receiving any calls with your existing CV, it is high time you get your CV assessed by a professional CV writing firm. Resume.ae, one of the best CV writing companies in Hong Kong provides CV assessment services to all our candidates. Our expert CV writers will gauge your CV and suggest you the exact alterations that can enhance your resume.

7. Job Posting Services

Employers have a hectic time subscribing on several job portals to find the perfect candidate. Resume.ae, one of the best recruitment service providers in Dubai has a dedicated section for posting all your job requirements. It serves an ideal platform for recruiters to post their requirements for free.

8. CV Database

Hiring an ideal candidate requires extensive research. Resume.ae, one of the best recruitment services in Singapore, provides access to a huge database of approved and qualified candidates. We have an extensive range of candidates which encompass almost all industries.

Candidate Resources

Resume.ae is a one stop portal for all the needs of a job seeker. Our services are not only restricted to professional CV writing. We provide a host of other services which accentuates the chances of a candidate to find their dream job.

A cover letter is a vital element in the job application process. A professional CV should be backed up with a good cover letter to enhance your chances of getting invited for an interview. Resume.ae, one of the best CV writing services company in Dubai, draft customized cover letters as per the requirements. Apart from writing cover letters, we also provide LinkedIn profile writing services. LinkedIn has become an important tool for recruiters across the world to search for potential candidates. Hence, to fascinate recruiters, it is necessary to have an excellent LinkedIn profile. Candidates are also enroll for soft skills and interview training sessions to attend interviews with renewed zeal and confidence.

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