Seven Ways to Improve Your CV

It is always important to have the best CV when you are out there trying to find a job. Below are seven ways shared by professional CV experts from on how you can keep on improving your CV.

Update your Academic and Professional Qualifications

Your CV should at all times summarize the genius you are in the position you are seeking employment in. The best way to show the genius that you are is by emphasizing on all your academic and professional qualifications. Ensure that your CV has been updated and includes all the recent academic and professional achievements that you have had. Such a CV will be irresistible to a potential employer.

List All your Past Work Experiences

It does not matter whether you hold paid or non-paid work experience. You still need to list all the experience that you carry. If you hold paid experience, emphasize on it. If you do not have any paid experience, list the ones you have and you can verify. List all the voluntary work you have attended before.

Consider the company Values and Culture

The modern world is moulded by ethics and morals. Do not just drop your CV in any company. If your CV is to be as successful as you want to be, make sure that you are applying in companies with proven morals, ethics, culture and values. Such companies treat their applicants with the respect they deserve, and you are sure that your application will be considered. If hired in such a firm, you are sure that you will enjoy in working for such a company.

Internships and Personal Projects

List the previous internships and attachments that you have attended before. Just list even the personal projects that you have accomplished before. Just try and convince your employer that you are most the experienced of the lot that are interested in this job.

Extracurricular Activities

Make sure that you list the extracurricular activities you are good in. Some employers will take your participation in these activities as one of your strength in the position you will applying for. If you participate in such extracurricular activities, you certainly are a team player which is one of the most prioritized attributes among most employers.

Filler Jobs

Make sure you mention the filler jobs that you may be participating in. Do not ignore such filler jobs because you imagine that they are insignificant. If you earn from such jobs, make sure your potential employer knows about it. It shows your agility and assertiveness, attributes that modern employers look for.

Continuing Studies

If you are still pursuing high learning courses, make sure that your employer knows about it. They will consider you a good asset for the future and chances are you will be accorded priority during the hiring process.

Give Credible References

Be sure to conclude your CV by giving credible references. These are references who can confirm that indeed you are as good as your CV states. This is probably another important part of your CV.