How to Make an Online Interview through Skype and Video a Success

With the advancement in technology, it is now easy to participate in an online interview a thousand kilometers away. One of the best methods is the use of Skype. Even though the use of Skype to conduct an online interview can be efficient, it faces a couple of challenges.

Here are some tips from our experts at that you should consider when using Skype to complete an interview.

Ensure a good internet connection

The use of Skype as a means of conducting an interview depends heavily on a reliable and strong internet connection. The best way is to ensure your computer or gadget is connected to a reliable and stable internet connection. This will eliminate unnecessary embarrassments to an interviewee. It will also ensure clear communication between the two parties.


For you to open a Skype account, you should be able to register with this social site. Make sure you use reputable names on your account. Many interviewers will judge you by your account and profile information. Upload a clear photo taken while properly groomed. In other words, let everything count. This will give a good impression of you to your interviewers.

Proper grooming

Before seating in front of the camera, make an adequate preparation of your physical appearance. Ask a friend for advice on the right attire for such an event. Something official always does the trick. Brush your teeth let your interviewer feel comfortable when addressing you. This will give you a high reputation and respect.

Maintain an eye contact

When conversing with the interviewer make sure you maintain a good eye contact. This will portray you as confident and competent. Avoid things that will distract your attention and focus. The best thing to do is to find a quiet and clean place. If you do not maintain an eye contact it might give a wrong impression to the interviewer about you.

Turn off any electronic gadget

When preparing to attend an interview the best thing to do first is to turn off any electronic gadgets. This includes phones, television sets, sound systems or any other gadget. Phones are the most extremely agitating gadgets. A phone call or a text message during the interview would be a huge distraction. Make the room as quiet as possible. A quiet environment will give your mind an ample time to think and to reciprocate the right answers.