How to Increase Your Job Prospects With LinkedIn Recommendations

There is no argument about how important LinkedIn is when it comes to job searching. While since it’s an introduction, people have used LinkedIn to search for jobs, with the launch of LinkedIn recommendations a lot has changed. When one is recommended by other LinkedIn users, he/she increase the chances of getting the attention of potential employers. Being recommended on LinkedIn means that one is competent to fill a specific position.

Here are some tips from which will give you an insight on recommendations and how they work:

If the LinkedIn recommendations are to work for you, there are some things you should understand. First make sure you are social proof. This means that you should make sure that those recommendations you get can be trusted. Ensure that only authoritative recommendations are appearing on your LinkedIn profile. There is no better way of encouraging your trustworthy than having authoritative LinkedIn users recommending you to employers.

The second thing you should understand is that fewer recommendations work better than spammed recommendations. When you have too many recommendations, there is a very high chance that employers will take it that you are not genuine. The online world is awash with stories of people buying recommendations. Avoid being classified as one buying LinkedIn recommendations by having only a few but authoritative LinkedIn recommendations.

But how exactly do I get these recommendations? This is a good question you should ask yourself. One of the three important things you should is to maintain a network of professional connects. Career experts advise that keeping a network of professional friends can be a perfect step in your job hunting ventures. Get to know these friends personally and have to convince them that you are competent in your area of interest.

The second thing you should do is to remain active on LinkedIn. Ensure you have a complete LinkedIn profile. Make sure you participate in group discussions and be ready to share tips that can be helpful to others. Ensure that you post at least one helpful topic on your profile or on the groups that you have joined. Soon other LinkedIn users will note how helpful you are, and the recommendations will start coming in.

Lastly, make sure you have set your interests right. Do not be an all-rounder unless you are qualified in all the areas you may have indicated on your profile. People who get authoritative recommendations will usually focus on a single area. Being focussed on a single area will portray you as qualified and competent in that area.