CV Templates for Different Classes of Job Seekers

Job seekers always find it hard to draft a CV on their own. Be it those with the best qualifications or those with the most attractive work experience in the positions they want to apply, it is always a challenging task to prepare an effective CV without help. This makes it important that you seek a CV template that fits your level of experience, qualification and the type of job you may be seeking to apply. Below is a brief analysis of templates that can be helpful to job seekers in various positions and with varied qualifications and experiences.

Template One: Graduate or First-Jobber

The first-jobber or graduate applicant will require a qualifications-based CV. Such applicants are certainly fresh from institutions of learning. Indeed they lack the requisite experience but still, fresh from school, they can be a valuable asset to employers. The template for this type of job seekers should emphasize more on their academic and professional qualification for the job. Such a template should flatter around with the success that the job seeker had in their academic and professional examinations and tests. It is best if any detail is backed up by numbers. In this template, you ought to include any other experience from your past that is job-related even if it was not a paid experience.

Template Two: Promotion Seeker

A CV template for a person seeking promotion should emphasize more on the attainment of the position they currently hold. It will emphasize all the aspects of career development that such a person has had to warrant their promotion. Therefore, such a template must include academic and professional qualification, successful positions from the past and objectives for the future.

Template Three: Career Changer

There comes a time when it is necessary to change careers. A CV template for a person seeking to change careers should highlight the drive behind the need to change jobs. It should list academic and professional qualifications, past positions and achievements, experience in the new career and most of all, communicate in a language of an ideal candidate deserving a post in the new career.

Template Four: Freelance Guru

One of the best thing about freelancers is that they can work in almost any field. Therefore, a CV template for freelancers must address their academic and professional qualifications. Instead of listing past experience, a freelancer should give links to their previous work. It is important to give reachable references for communication with potential clients.