Privacy Policy works extensively to secure your privacy when you use this website and its services. You are in consent to collecting of your personal information by and the usage practices as mentioned in this privacy statement:

Collecting your information

You can visit the website of without submitting any of your personal information; however, certain pages do require your personal details in order for us to be able to identify you when you purchase our services or place an order with us. This personal information collected is crucial for us to provide our service which include (but not limited to):

  • Inquiries related to our services
  • Information related to determine those services and products that would suit your requirements.
  • Banking information which includes credit or debit card details and account information, without which we cannot provide our services to you. uses a secured SSL connection for all online transactions, and uses encryption to data security.
  • Basic contact details that include your name, phone numbers, email addresses, and residential addresses.

Automated information collected

We use cookies on our website; these are smaller files that record your visit to our website and track the pages that you have viewed, the links that have been clicked, materials that have been accessed and your actions throughout the website. These cookies will also collect information that browsers send to all websites that are visited such as the IP address, the type of browser that you have, the browse capabilities and language, the operating system, the time and date of website access and web page links. This information will remain anonymous.

Usage of information

The information mentioned above is collected by for certain purposes;

  • Improvement of service delivery: we use this information to make our website better and to enhance the way we deliver our services, carry out our transaction with our clients and other related services.
  • Improvement of website: we use this information to make our website easier to use and compatible to a number of browsers. This also includes the elimination of the need for repeated input of certain information.
  • Communication: this data will inform you about any new services that we have and also the existing ones. However, you have the option of controlling the type of information you wish to receive.