Five Steps to the Perfect Graduate CV

Are you a graduate with no professional job experience? Do not worry as every fresher has career blues, and to sort out this, shares few essential steps to succeed. Read on to know more how to prepare the perfect graduate CV.

Make it Short and Impressive

Employers receive many CVs that they have to consider before they hire. This gives you a very limited window of opportunity to stamp your impression. The feedback back from regular employers has indicated that long CVs are an outright turn-off. If you are to be employed, have your CV to be as concise as possible. Avoid long paragraphs that will dampen any of the chances you have to make an impression. If you are a graduate, your CV should be fit on an A4 page. It is not necessary to include your photo as it takes up a lot more space.

Create a Consistent Brand

Make sure that you have a consistent portfolio to complement your CV. Ensure that you communicate in the same context as that of the job you are aiming to get. Be assertive and convincing. This consistency will give you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

Have a Stable Network Prior to Graduation

Do not wait till you graduate so that you can start job hunting. Create a network of professional friends who can give you leads to jobs long before you graduate. You must know people who are helpful out there prior to your graduation. Learning prepares you for the job; be sure you have the source of the job you are being prepared to do. You have to be aggressive or else you will fail to get any available positions in this competitive modern world.

Never Leave Out Any Past Experience

Ensure your CV has all the previous experience in any job position. You do not have to list paid work experience alone. However, if you have it emphasize on it. Also, include any voluntary work you did as part of your experience. Make sure you list attachments and internships as part of your past experience. You also need to list personal projects that you have previously undertaken as part of your experience.

Let Your CV Tell Your Story

Let your CV do your talking to the employer. When you state that you are skilled, let the employer feel it from your CV. This is how best you can create an impression to the employer. Avoid lengthy explanations and use tactics that will pronounce how an ideal candidate you are in this position. Let your actions speak louder than your words.