6 Letter Pack

6 Letter Pack

  • Speculative letter writing
    This type of letter is essential when one is seeking a job that has not yet been advertised or published. A job seeker should always understand that most jobs are never advertised. That is why more people in Dubai and other places in the UAE have opted to write speculative letters. This can help you hit your target job in a company whose postings are rarely advertised.
    There are quite some people who have been successful by sending speculative letters making it one of the best ways to secure jobs. Once you send this letter, you must ensure you enclose your CV alongside it. When the employer receives it, they will always take note of your application. This will also impress them as they notice your passion for a particular post that has not been made available for applications and once the position is available, it is very likely that the company will prioritize your application. Most job seekers find this application frustrating but through experience, these are one of the most successful people when it comes to job seeking.

    There are some things you need to consider when writing a speculative letter. First, you should be sure of what you are offering the employer. Whatever you are writing to the employer should be necessary and relevant. As such, you should do sufficient research and understand the company’s needs and progress. An employer will be pleased to know that you understand their company well even when you are not one of their employees.

    At Resume.ae, we will help you come up with a speculative letter that will place you at the best position to get the job as soon as the vacancy becomes available. Our professionals CV writers team in Dubai have mastered all the necessary skills that will help to draft a cover letter that will see you through the interview once the position becomes available. This will help you to get a job in a company you have always wished to work with.

  • Response letter for a job advert
    A response letter is sent to a company following a job advertisement for a given vacancy. This letter should contain a strong and carefully drafted message since after an advertisement, the employer will receive hundreds of application letters. The employer will want to know why you are interested in the position which you must state clearly and carefully.

    Most job seekers will want to have the best cover letter to catch the employer’s interest, so you need a little more effort to make yours outstanding. There are quite a number of things you need for an outstanding cover letter. You must ensure that your cover letter has been customized to suit the employer’s needs. Focus more on your most relevant skills rather than focusing on any skills. You may have several skills but if they are not relevant to the employer’s needs, then they are not necessary. You, therefore, ought to be keen to understand what the employer need rather than what you have.

    Secondly, have your cover letter presented with the best design. An eye-catching letter will attract the employer’s attention, and you will more likely be considered to the next stage of the hiring process. This speaks volumes on how you will use your skills to make the company shine and outdo their competitors.

    Most importantly, you will need to tell the employer what you will offer their organization that they will not get with any other employer. Remember this is your chance to express yourself to the employer. You will therefore make them feel that you are better than any other candidate who has expressed their interest in the same position.

    With our team of experts at Resume.ae, you will be in a position to get a cover letter that is carefully drafted to beat the hundreds of applicants who will be aiming to land the same job. Our tactics have worked with many other job seekers in Dubai, and you will be among this successful team.
  • Job application follow-up letter
    Having waited for long enough without a call for the interview can be devastating. This is why you need a follow-up letter. Before you lose hope, you should think about this option. It doesn’t cause any harm to inquire about the status of your application. This has been found to surprisingly work miracles as opposed to the way many think that this looks pushy.

    The fact is, when you make a follow up on your application, it shows something unique about you over other applicants, your passion and dedication to work for the organization. People tend to think that the employer will take it negative, but the opposite is true. What you need is to be professional while passing the message albeit in a positive way.

    First, to write a follow-up letter you need to allow sometime for the employer to review the initial application. One may not be in a position to know the duration to give before sending a follow up letter. In this case, it is necessary to do some research and understand how the company works and how long the recruitment process takes.

    Some companies may take days before they complete the recruitment process while some may take months. You will therefore use these timelines to know when it is best to follow up. Making inquiries from friends who have made application in similar companies will help you know when to write the follow-up letter after the application.

    There are a number of things you need to have in mind when writing the follow-up letter. First, be sure you are addressing the right person. This person should be the same person you addressed when writing the application letter. Mostly, this person is the hiring manager but you can mention their names if you know them.
    Ensure you write their names perfectly correct. It is common that people get offended when you miss a slight spelling of their names thus making them angered, which is the last thing you could wish to happen after all that effort.

    Your letter should also indicate the position you applied for on the subject line. Make sure you show the employer your enthusiasm and experience within your letter. Also, allow them to contact you at any time whenever they feel like. After this, end your letter with a strong closing remark. Remember the employer is more likely to read through your letter to the end since there will be few or no similar letters presented to them.

    With our team of professional CV consultants at Resume.ae Dubai, you will be able to come up with a strong message capturing the eye of the employer placing you at a better position to be more considered than your competitors.
  • Thank you note after interview
    It is wise to send the interviewer a thank you note having considered you for the interview. Most people do not write a thank you note after they have been offered a chance to walk into the company for an interview even though this is very necessary. Sending a thank you note to the interviewer shows your commitment to the job giving you a positive reputation. It is however important to note that the letter should be written well and professionally to put you at a better chance to beat your opponents. Remember having attended the interview does not guarantee you the job even though it brings you closer.

    There are a few things you need to understand when writing a thank you note in Dubai. First, the letter should be written immediately after you have left the interview. This will give a good impression to the employer thus making them feel you appreciate the chance you got for attending the interview. In many cases, you and your competitors may think a thank you note in not necessary and will just be a waste of time but the opposite is true.

    You also have to make sure the letter brings out the courtesy you have towards the interviewer. It is through this letter that you will get an opportunity to tell the employer that you have a deep interest in the job. Once they receive this letter, you will definitely come back to their memories thus giving you more attention. You will get a chance to mention things you may have omitted to mention during the interview that are important for your career. It is possible to omit some things during the interview especially considering that you are under pressure or maybe you have limited time in the interview room. You will also have a chance to show your skills in writing which are very important and which most employers in UAE are looking at.

    At Resume.ae you we will help you write a thank you note that will definitely impress the interviewer and propel you to the next stage which is a call for the real job. Provided with the company details and post you applied for, we know how to choose the right words to bring out your professionalism and show the employer that you have the necessary skills for the job.

  • Resignation letter writing
    A resignation letter is very important when you are leaving your current job. You may be leaving your current job either for another job, advancing your education or maybe when you have a situation that cannot allow you to continue with your current job. When writing this, you need to choose the right words that will leave a positive image of you in the company.

    It is important to know when you should write the resignation letter, you can’t write the letter when you are not sure of your next move. You will more likely than not become a loser and end up being disappointed. All employers in Dubai are used to this, and they expect it anyway, anytime. Ensure your letter does not damage your relationship with the employer which you have heavily invested in because even after you leave, you may still need them.

    When writing the letter, ensure you sound friendly while maintaining your professional image. Your boss will want to know the reason for your resignation, and therefore you must mention it with the best choice of words. Show confidence in your decisions. Also, giving your boss reasonable time is important and respectful. For instance, you can give them a month or two depending on the situation. This will give them time to get an alternative person to replace you avoiding inconveniences. Some people give a notice as short as one week leaving their bosses angered when you had all time to do so.

    You should also let your boss know that you are always willing to help them whenever they need your input. This may involve training of the new member who will replace you. Do not also forget to be grateful for the chance they have offered you to work with them gaining massive experience which is most likely helping to proceed to the next level in your career. Once you have written these, end your letter with a good and powerful tone.

    Our team at Resume.ae will help you compose resignation letter in Dubai. We will use the most powerful words that will leave your boss happy maintaining the good relationship you have created with them and your fellow employees in the organization.
  • Recommendation and Promotion letter writing
    A recommendation letter is written by the senior officials to offer suggestions for the promotion or maybe recommend someone for an event or even a scholarship. This comes after the individual has persistently performed exemplary and offering them a chance will lead to improvement in their performance, skills and of course responsibility. It is always one's pleasure to show appreciation to those who have performed so well, and a recommendation for promotion is among the best ways to do so.

    Several myths exist about promotion letter writing in Dubai. People think that having been in a position for quite a long time, one deserves to be promoted. This is not the case. Promotion is a form of appreciation to a person who has done well in their company. This makes employees be aware that good performance is the key to promotion. Promotion does not mean one will get higher pay. It means that the organization expects you to perform more thus giving you more responsibilities. One should therefore not think of compensation when they get a promotion but rather think how to meet the new expectations.

    Giving your employees, a recommendation letter for a promotion gives them confidence about your trust in them. They will be motivated to work more thus making your organization successful. By choosing powerful phrases and words, you will be in a position to help them secure the position and be more supportive to your work than before. That is what our professionals focus on when writing the letters. Given the position one is aiming at, we will come up with the right words, and even advice the right way to approach the managers of the organization to ensure your colleague or worker earns the post they are eyeing.