No Past Direct Experience? You Can Still Write a Perfect CV

Direct past experience in an advertised position is always an added advantage for applicants. When an applicant has such an experience, it is easy for the employer to give them preference than other candidates. Does this mean that you do not apply for a position just because you do no hold direct past experience? No, you can still apply and if you follow the steps below, you stand a chance to beat even those with the experience and be awarded the position on offer. Read on the key steps shared by to help you write your perfect CV.

Step one: Academic and Professional Qualification

The fact is you lack the direct experience in this area. So, your major strength in this application will be your academic and professional qualifications. Make sure you state them as explicitly as possible. Be sure to emphasize on the qualifications you hold because not all with the required experience may be holding the academic qualifications that are required.

Step two: List Any other Experience You Hold

When an employer states that they need past work experience, they do not necessarily mean that you need to hold paid employment experience. You can still list any other work related experience you hold. You can list internships and course attachments as your past experience. You can as well list personal projects because they as well count as previous experience. Just be creative and convince the employer that the experience is worth it in this application.

Step three: Be the Ideal Candidate for this Job

While considering the options that they have, employers will certainly settle for the most ideal candidate for the position that they advertised. An ideal candidate will indeed convince the employer that he/she is the best among all the applicants for the available position. Write in a language that convinces the employer that you are the best among all the applicants. Make sure you address all the important details that are reflected in the job description.

Step four: Be Creative

Do not submit a dull CV when in the first place you lack past direct experience. Unleash the creative side of yourself and impress the employer by trying out a new style for your CV. Make sure that your creativity makes your CV stand out from among the rest of the pack. An attractive CV will catch the attention of the potential employer and it creates a good impression.