Top Tips: Grammar Rules for Your CV

One of the heavy considerations when upgrading your CV is grammar check. This is the area where almost 40% of the CVs fall short which leads to CV application rejection. Overcome this issue through this helpful guide from that allows you to identify the pitfalls. Be successful with your career with candidate resources.

Avoid Spellcheckers

Most electronic word processors come with spellcheckers. A host of other spellcheckers are available online. However, such spellcheckers are not always effective. Do not jeopardize your chances of getting employed by relying on spellcheckers. After you are done drafting your CV, make sure you read it word by word and be sure that it is perfect.

Use Capital Letters Appropriately

Ensure that you use capital letters as appropriately as required. Do not capitalize any word just because you feel it needs to be stressed as such. Avoid writing words in upper case when you really do not have to. Most employers will find capitalized words annoying. The unwarranted use of capital letters may lead CV to be dumped into a bin.

Check your Use of Apostrophes

Once you are done with writing your CV, check again that you used apostrophes correctly. Apostrophes are among the most misused marks of punctuation. They define your grasp of perfect grammar. Their wrong usage can change the meaning of a specific word or sentence. Wrong use of apostrophes can warrant the dumping of you CV and application.

Check on Singular and Plural Forms

Assign singular forms to words and phrases that need to be singular. Ensure you effectively assign plural forms to stuff that needs to be in plural form. The wrong use of singular and plural forms clearly defines you as either reckless or incompetent to hold the position you are seeking.

Use your Tenses Correctly

You have to use correct tenses all through you CV and cover letter. The wrong use of tenses paints a picture of you as illiterate and unqualified for the position you are applying for. Ensure every verb, phrase or any combination of words is written in their proper tense. This way the employer will easily understand whatever you may be telling them.

Define your Abbreviations

Do not use abbreviations unless you have fully explained them. Abbreviations have different meanings in different contexts. To ensure that you are clear on what you are writing, make sure you only use abbreviations you have defined.

Semicolons: Understand Them before Using Them

Just do not bother using colons and semicolons if you do not understand how they should be used. Most people actually do not know how commas ought to be used. Do not portray yourself as an incompetent applicant by using commas in the wrong way.
Enhance your chances of getting employed by ensuring your CV is written in perfect grammar and correctly punctuated.