How to avoid the most common job interview mistakes

When you have been called for an interview, it is important to always avoid petty mistakes that would actually give a wrong impression of an interviewee. It is important for you to take your time meditating on what to expect and how to go through it. Our experts at will help you understand the most common mistakes that can occur during an interview session.

Avoid pessimism

Even if you have all the ideas at hand, having a negative mind can cause you to lose a life time chance of ever getting a job. When in an interview make sure you remember to remain positive at all times. Answer all question with preciseness and keenness. Interviewers can detect any slight signs of negativity hence weakening an interviewee’s chance of ever getting a job. Maintain a positive attitude even when you sure the interviewer will not give you a chance.


When going for an interview it is important to make sure you look presentable. Maintain an official dress code and maintain a high standard of hygiene. Looking presentable gives the interviewer a sound picture of who you are. Be smart and simple. Avoid wearing funny and bright colors. Let your attires be clean and neat. Wear a perfume but it shouldn’t be very strong.


It is essential to be careful with your words when in an interview room. Most individuals fail their interviews due to the lack of proper communication between the interviewer and interviewee. An interviewee should be able to maintain a clear conversation without necessarily sounding too talkative and very silent. Most business organizations rely on proper communication skills.


It is important to carry out a detailed research about the organization you are interested in. Without a proper research, an individual is bound to fail the whole interview. This is because most questions are about the organizations products and services, background and so much more. You are borne to fail an interview if you did not carry out a proper research.

Lack of questions

It is important to always ask questions. Engaging the interviewer, it gives you a chance to know so much more about the organization, their challenges and how they tackle their problems. It will also portray you as confident, straight forward and open minded. It will also give the interviewer a glimpse of your wonderful social life.