10 Top Tips to Writing an Academic Cover Letter

A resume without a cover letter is like a cake without a proper dressing. Though you have your chances to crack your first job interview call, the chances are quite low. Whether you are applying in the US, or the UK, the Gulf, or the East Asia, a cover letter will surely bring out the best of you.
Our experts at resume.ae recommend the following tips when writing an academic cover letter:

Provide Your Identity

In your cover letter, make sure you give the selecting your identity. Do not just state your name, make sure that they know who you are and why you need the job. Tell them about how qualified you are and what experience you have in the academic position you are applying for. This way they will be at a position to judge you as their ideal candidate.

Provide Evidence

Do not give a whole lot of information and then forget about backing up that information. In as much as your academic cover letter has to remain short, ensure that you have at least evidence that indeed whatever you are saying is factual.

Address All Perspectives

While you state about yourself, make sure that you respond to the lingering questions that the selecting panel may have. Try to be holistic and make sure you minimize chances of confusion. Just make sure you see all perspectives when addressing your selecting panel in your cover letter.

Do Not Go Beyond Two Pages

Writing an academic cover letter of more than two A4 pages can limit your chances of being selected. You should ensure that whatever information you have fits into, at most, two pages. In fact, one page should be enough for a cover letter but if need be, make sure you do not go beyond two pages.

Don’t Forget To Give Out Your Portfolio

An academic cover letter must entail a reputable portfolio. Mention about the research you have successfully completed. Tell them about the academic projects you have completed before. This will give you an edge and move you closer to being selected.

Mind the Gap

Your academic cover letter should be impressive. Tell the selecting panel that you intend to cover a topic that has not been covered before. This will entice them, and you may end up being selected over others.

Never Make Lists

You should never include lists in your academic cover letter. Lists come out as unprofessional, and you may end up being denied the chance you are applying for.

Be Specific about what you Want

Go straight to the point and avoid long stories when you are writing an academic cover letter. This is how you can best communicate with academicians.

Be Yourself

Never plagiarize content, ideas or anything else. Just be yourself if you really need the place you are seeking with your cover letter.