Types of Cover Letters and How to Write Them

Our panel of experts at Resume.ae have identified three different styles of cover letters. You can choose to write any of them depending on the kind of job seeker you are. Each style is appealing to employers of a specific section of the industry. Using any of these styles in its unrelated industry may lead to your failure in capturing the attention you need from employers. Although different, these three styles of cover letters still maintain a number of features. They have to be official, factual and appealing.

Below is an explanation of these three styles of cover letters.

Standard Conservative Style

The standard conservative style of cover letters is usually used in the mainstream industries. Usually, when applying for a job in business, law, retail and several such areas, you will need to use this style. In most cases, these style is used when you are sure of the position you are seeking work in. You will need to state the position and give straight forward information regarding your qualifications and experience. You will need to keep it short and concise but still appealing. You will have to make sure that you portray yourself as the ideal candidate for the advertised position.

Standard Speculative Letter

There comes a time when you need to write a speculative letter. This style of letter will in most cases be an enquiry letter. You will write to a company asking whether they have an open position. Just like always, you will need to attach your credentials and your CV. Just make sure that the potential employers understand the positives that you will add to their firms. You will need to portray yourself as an irresistible candidate. Make them create an open position even if they did not have any.

Letter for creative Jobs

This is the style that most freelance workers use. This style of cover letters is effective for playing around with the skills that one has in any given creative area. When writing this kind of letter you should always understand the kind of work that an employer wants done. Then you will give directions on how you can help them. Make sure they feel your skills through your cover letter. Emphasize about what you can do differently from others who may be seeking the same position. Just make yourself irresistible and the best candidate.

Our experts at resume.ae will help you choose and write the style of cover letter that best defines the kind of job seeker you are.