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Job Description :

Job Description
Job Purpose:

To Operate production & injection units and systems in the field well head platforms in compliance of company’s standards & HSE guidelines and supervisory instructions. Delegated to supervise non-routine WHPT operations involving contracted services.

Principal Accountabilities:

• Operate equipment and system such as test separators, gas traps, gas skids, safety cabinets, manifolds, chokes, pig receivers and launchers.

• Give guidance to Operators in the operation of equipment and units in accordance with established instructions.

• Report serious unplanned operational deviations to supervisor and take corrective action within the limits of authority and competence.

• Ensure that units and equipment on WHPTs are checked regularly and record and/or check as necessary that data is accurately and regularly recorded, including any down hole safety equipment.

• Locally operate in the event of a telesystem failure all the equipment normally operated remotely through the telesystem network.

• Undertake the preparation of wellhead platforms for handover for work-over maintenance, repair or modification in conjunction with other trades (this includes removing specific items of wellhead equipment).

• Lead teams involved in the annual maintenance programs in conjunction with teams from COMPANY maintenance and contracted personnel.

• Prepare wellhead platform for implementation of acid fracturing campaigns under supervision or delegation from Supervisor. Surface Operations.

• Undertake all ‘hot’ works to completion and attend inspections and certification vessels.

• Attendance at rigs during simultaneous working or work-over operations to be able to take operational action as needed.

• Install temporary production facilities for wells production, injection and testing.

• Take necessary operational action at the start and finish of all maintenance activities (such as depressurizing lines, isolation of vessels, and normalization after job completion). Undertakes pigging to oil and water lines.

• Collect oil and water samples for Quality Control according to agreed procedures and schedules.

• Ensure Xmas tree valves automatics are maintained, replaced and repaired according to specified schedule.

• Participate in the re-commissioning of equipment and wells when maintenance work has been completed.

• Undertake other similar or related duties such as preparing daily reports and work logs, maintaining work site clean, tidy and safe, checking status of platform equipment before leaving on completion of work and reporting any deviations from standard.

• Follow company HSE regulations and maintains high standard of environment, safety and good housekeeping.

• Actively participates in U.A.E national’s development. Guides and follows up their integration within ZAKUM organization in line with company objectives.

Work Contacts:

• Regular contacts at own level or next higher level in own and other section for exchange of information.
Independence of Operation and Decision-making Authority:

• Works in accordance with standard operating procedures and program instructions. Is expected to use his initiative in non-routine and emergency situations. Work is subject to limited supervision due to the size and geographical spread of the WHPTs.

Physical Effort:

• Mainly standing and walking.

Work Environment:

• Approximately 80% of time spent outside subject to prevailing weather conditions and considerable exposure to dirt. Spends an average of 1 -2 hours a day in a helicopter or boat.
Desired Candidate Profile

Minimum Requirements:

• Completion of Secondary education (12 years), plus specialized production operator training equivalent to 6 - 9 months full time.

• 8 to 10 years’ experience in oilfield operations including 3 years offshore and at least 2 years’ experience in a senior position.

• Good knowledge of English.
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