Job Title : Web Developer

Category : Information and Technology
Posted Date :
Job Description :

The Web Developer will take ownership of the company’s E-commerce website; supporting the development and implementation of websites and portals for the entire company. Also, handles the design and multimedia requirements of the company.

Major Responsibilities

-Will be spear-heading the revamp for the e-commerce website.
-Creates and manages the overall structure and design of the company’s e-commerce website by collecting design requirements and data for sections within the website.
-Oversees and maintains the e-commerce website (e.g. format and content) in order to keep abreast and accurate information.
-Works closely with the Business Development Manager and Marketing Manager to make enhancements and edit the company’s website as needed.

Graphic Design
-Maintains manual and electronic documents, files and records (e.g. publication archives) for the purpose of providing up-to date reference materials.
-Supports graphic and publication layout needs including graphics and multimedia presentations for the entire company.
-Manages and maintains a library of logos, pictures and press reports

Continuous Development of Position
-Conducts regular research and studies on key developments and best practices of new web applications and make recommendations on how to further enhance the company’s website. -Researches and designs contemporary content strategies to ensure best multimedia and design practices for the entire company.

Qualifications & Desired Skills
-Experience Required 2-3 years of professional experience in E-Commerce, web development, graphic design and visual communication.
-The candidate should have good working knowledge Magento MySQL, PHP, .NET, Apache and an experience in developing an e-commerce website.

Benefits Offered : Monthly Salary: 4,000 - 5,999 AED
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