Job Title : Esthetician

Category : Beauty / Fitness / Fashion
Bissan Medical Center Dubai
Posted Date : 04/17/2022
Job Description :

Esthetician and laser technician 

Skills and Qualifications
Communication: Estheticians will recommend certain skincare treatments, products and procedures based on the needs of the customer. Strong communication skills are important to understand these needs. Nonverbal communication skills will assist the esthetician in understanding when the customer is uncomfortable during a treatment or service.
Problem-solving: Customers will often turn to an esthetician to solve their skincare problems. Whether they are dealing with dry skin or facial hair, it is the role of the esthetician to find a solution to their problem.
Time management: Estheticians often see multiple clients in one day and sticking to a schedule is important. The ability to organize and monitor time is necessary to meet customer needs, especially when dealing with strict time requirements.
Sales: Sales skills can assist an esthetician in succeeding in their role. It is often the responsibility of both the health club and the esthetician to bring in additional customers for skincare services and sometimes to sell products as well.

Benefits Offered : As per the UAE law
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