Job Title : Teacher Engagement Manager

Category : Information and Technology
Microsoft - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Posted Date : 01/29/2016
Job Description :

Teacher Engagement Manager

Reports To:
Education Lead

Education is transforming globally and holistically. The opportunity to transform education has never been greater and the urgency to support the industry to drive change never more clear. The company that wins long-term will be the company that is able to provide real value to the needs of schools and align offerings to this learning transformation. Winning in education is a company priority - a core company mandate. At Microsoft we’ve always believed in the power of education to change the world and our mission has always been to help students and teachers everywhere realize this potential. This role plays a critical part in that mission.

Key Responsibilities:
- Ownership of the Educator/Teacher Audience.
- Inspire Educator/Teacher Audiences on how technology can enable their goals: running an efficient organization, improving student outcomes, bringing recognition to their institutions.
- Provide assets to Educator/Teacher Audiences that help them plan for ICT integration into teaching and learning practices.
- Provide Educator/Teacher Audiences access to training resources and best practices.
- Recognize and nurture premier institution leader customers who are integrating ICT in excellent ways so they become our partners in winning devices and services deals.
- Know and analyze the local competitive landscape to better position Microsoft’s offerings for Educator/Teacher Audiences.
- Represent Microsoft’s EDU strategy and offerings at conferences, events and customer meetings.
- Drive attainment of local revenue based incentive (RBI) objectives.
- Grow Market Share and drive attainment of local share based incentive (SBI) objectives.
- Drive sales of Microsoft technologies by prospecting and qualifying Services and Devices opportunities.
- Execution of the Teacher Ambassador & Teacher Internship program in local geo.
- Drive deployment and usage of Microsoft technologies through classroom technology evangelism.
- Continuous improvement of industry knowledge, industry scenarios and creative ideas.

Benefits Offered : As per UAE Law
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