Job Title : Senior Chemistry Instructor

Category : Pharmaceuticals
The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)
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Use the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process to implement the Chemistry training program for Chemistry personnel.

1. Develop and Implement Chemistry Training
Lead analysis activities to determine required knowledge and skills and formulate recommendations for training and non-training solutions.
Develop objectives and examination tools that support chemistry material design
Develop and maintain chemistry training material that supports initial and continuing training
Conduct chemistry training on topics such as chemistry fundamentals, chemistry sampling, chemical additions and chemistry analysis.

2. Continuously Improve the Quality of the Chemistry Training Program
Provide ongoing oversight of training provided by KHNP to identify training improvement opportunities.
Disposition Trainee Feedback and Management Observation comments to improve training implementation
Perform Post Training Evaluations to determine if trainees are using the gained knowledge and skills in their job position and how effectively they are being used.
Lead and participate in self assessments to identify training program improvement opportunities.

3. Provide Training Expertise and Support
Develop and maintain chemistry training schedules to support training implementation
Provide input on required training facilities, mockups, materials and qualifications to ensure effective training program implementation.
Support subject matter experts in training material development and implementation to ensure training program effectiveness.
Participate on Training Program Oversight Committee meetings to provide input regarding trainee performance during training and continuing training topic selection.


Technical related associates degree or high school degree and previously qualified as a chemistry technician and/or supervisor
Classroom Instructor Certification
5 years relevant chemistry instructor experience

Bachelor degree in Engineering or other scientific discipline
INPO Instructor Certification

7 years relevant chemistry instructor experience, 2 years of which include being a lead or senior chemistry instructor
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