Salay Negotiation is notable skill

Salary negotiation is a notable skill for an employee on face of his employer. Employers always play little bit reluctant to come up with their best offer, but employees with dealing skill can get the best contract out of a negotiation. Here 5 hot tips are shared for tricky salary negotiation.

Get your homework done from authentic websites about the average salary rate available in market. Little research from job hunting sites like, will let you know about standard salary range for the job you have applied for. Advanced knowledge will let you feel more assured while negotiating.

Emphasize over the job, not on the money part. If you can impress your employer that you are the best person for the post, salary will not be a constraint.

Once the negotiation starts, focus on a range of remuneration, not on a number. The flexible approach will help the recruiters to be more thoughtful on the salary negotiation and they will consider your demand in more flexible way.

While you know the market rate and your personal credential, you can easily ask for a fair price for your contract. At the same time you need to be fair in your demand. If you can balance between expectation and market rate, you can bag success in salary negotiation too.

Keep considering some other job offers and play the card very politely in front of your employer. If you are a potential candidate and you have done good performance till date, the recruiter across the table will offer you the best salary to hire you.