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Acorn Global Academy
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Acorn Global strives to be a leader in developing young academic minds – enlivening and empowering young learners with the skills necessary to achieve critical, independent thought; our approach encourages young learners to use reasoning and to engage in student focused learning and communication.
That's a tall order to fill, yet for the past 9 years, we've managed to remain positive and committed to providing a stimulating learning experience. We are a unique after-school program which uses TOEFL, ACT, SAT and IB Math materials, among others, to provide a strong grounding in mathematics and English skills for learners up to grade 12.
We do not provide tutoring; instead, we provide a structured and sequenced curriculum which enables students to become more academically inclined – to become better, more confident, learners and thinkers.
If you are interested in becoming part of system, a team, which puts learning first, you should really give us a look – no doubt, we are looking for people like you.

Math Position: Considerations & Responsibilities

1. Classes cater to students who struggle with mathematics and need help building confidence and increasing overall mathematical competency and performance.
2. Responsible age groups and teaching focus: Grades 5-12
3. Class types required: SAT/IB/AP, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trig, Pre-Calculus & AP Calculus.
4. Attend weekly meetings and working with mathematics staff and academy director to further the academy math program. Such responsibilities would include:
-- Working to implement common core standards for math.
-- Creating stock files of original, reusable, competency-based formative assessments, homework assignments and additional resources which are aligned with the our academy's curriculum.
-- Participate in curriculum development and mapping within team.
5. Strong candidates need to:
-- Independently take the initiative to go through the list common core standards and flag the standards that have not yet been incorporated into our program’s lessons and implement them accordingly.
-- Work hard to develop an ongoing professional relationship with admin, parents and teachers thus weekly emails, counseling sessions and phone calls are a must.

At Acorn Global, we are committed to being competitive regarding remuneration. Presently, the position is part-time and teaching hours would be primarily after-school -- from about 4-9pm. In an effort to be competitive, the Academy offers a base salary to start; however, the position will more than likely move into a profit-sharing structure as student numbers grow. This is a new position and will require great effort; thus is our belief in rewarding effort with sharing profit.
Candidates are expected to maintain a quality learning environment and to push hard to establish on-going communication with administrative staff, parents and students. Thus, counseling and communication skills are highly prized for this position. Further, applicants will need to have a proficiency for both math teaching as well as a keen understanding of a variety of math curriculum, see point 3 above.
We shall only accept resumes for the Math Teacher position. Only candidates who meet our standards will be contacted. Successful candidates can expect the following:
-- a brief phone interview to see whether both parties are a good fit;
-- a face-to-face interview to discuss experience, qualifications and job requirements;
-- a final mock-teaching session where candidates will be assessed to determine whether he/she is suitable.
Thank you in advance for your interest in our Academy!

Benefits Offered : Benefits: Visa, Health Insurance (as per Dubai requirement)
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