How to boost your confidence at the job interview?

Attending a job interview can be nerve-wrecking. If you feel low on confidence, then it might just hamper your chances of getting through the interview even if you are a perfect match for the role. In some cases, the candidate simply fails to impress because of nervousness or anxiety. So how can you overcome this situation and boost your confidence at the job interview.

1. Strike a rapport with the interviewer
Try to connect with the interviewer. You will start feeling confident once you start building the rapport. Employers are attracted towards charming personalities. A confident smile might just do the trick.

2. Do a few breathing exercises
Breathing exercises are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Take a deep breath and practice a few breathing techniques that will help to keep calm before and during the interview.

3. Speak to yourself
Motivate yourself throughout the process. It is necessary to speak to yourself and keep a positive frame of mind. It is just another interview and not the end of the world.

4. Rehearse your answers aloud
It is always a good step to rehearse your answers aloud. Try to conduct a mock interview to your friends or someone who has experience in taking interviews. This will definitely help you to improve yourself and perform well at the interviews. provides one of the best interview training programs in Dubai. If you would like to know more about our interview training programs or book a session, kindly visit right away.