How to write your employment gap in a resume?

An employer can misinterpret these gaps if the relevant explanation is not provided in the CV. Hence it is very important to design your CV in such a way that these gaps don’t affect your prospects of getting a job.

1. Taking a hiatus to pursue further education. If you have taken a break from work to pursue higher education, you need to mention how this qualification and knowledge has helped you progress in your career.

2. If you were terminated from the job
Nonperformance is not the only reason why you might get terminated. Recession directly affects businesses which cause downsizing of the organization. This leads to termination of certain employees to cut costs. If you were shown the pink slip, for this reason, it is necessary to mention the circumstances under which decision was taken.
3. If you were on a voluntary break
There are several reasons for taking a time out. Personal reasons like marriage, pregnancy, accident or health induce you to take a voluntary break. It is important to mention such reasons if the break is a really long one.

4. Skills acquired during the gap
Employers are constantly looking for candidates who have nurtured additional skills over a period of time. If you have acquired any particular skill while on the break, make sure it is included in the CV. provides one of the best CV writing services in Dubai and Sharjah. If you want to create a compelling and engaging CV, please get in touch with us right away.