Best Job Opportunities throguh LinkedIn

The job industry has transformed from traditional CV distribution online to grabbing a prospective job opportunity through LinkedIn. This is THE place to get the best offers that are relevant and latest.

Read below for the checklist if you already have a LinkedIn profile.

1. Pictures speak a thousand words! Yes, include a profile picture to give your future recruiters a good look of your professional self. Adding a casual picture such as a birthday pic or a group pic is not a good option.

2. Use words to describe your job, not your job title. Your LinkedIn heading need not be a routine job title. Attract recruiters by adding a catchy title.

3. Do not forget to add your company name. Not mentioning the company name may imply that you have resigned or even unemployed.

4. List your job experiences to the truest extent. Do not play with the years or changing the job description as it questions your CV or other Job Portals on which you have entered you true information. To be safe, keep it the same on all.

5. Ask for recommendations from your friends, past colleagues, and any one whom you have known or worked it. It makes a huge difference.

6. Customize your LinkedIn URL to make your profile unique.

7. Last, but not the least, don’t forget to add your contact details. Yes, you can maintain privacy, but don’t hide your contact information.

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