With the help of Resume.ae, you have been able to draft your perfect resume. Now, you wish to use it in the best possible manner and share it with as many recruiters as you can. You are also now aware of LinkedIn as the hub for career opportunities and eagerly post your Resume on LinkedIn for the world to see. But is that the way to go?

The answer is NO. You may edit sections of your Resume and put those up on your LinkedIn Profile, but it is not wise to publish your entire Resume on your profile. Are you now asking why? Here are three reasons:

1. Some of the LinkedIn users who decide to check your profile are already well versed with the contents of your resume. So why have they come to look at your LinkedIn Profile? Because they are looking for more of YOU – what you do, how visible you are on the social media platform, how you interact with your connections and so on. LinkedIn thus becomes a platform where you are allowed to be semi-casual and the recruiters get a chance to see the true you.

2. Your resume is as long as an essay for your LinkedIn Profile. Keep in mind that when you browse through the contents of the Internet, the attention span becomes shorter and shorter. So make sure that you provide strong content that gets your point across without the need for too many words.

So how can you use your resume as advantage for LinkedIn?

Translate the value you would add to your prospective organization from a Resume format to an online format. You need to explicitly state how an organization would benefit by employing you and use a punchy, attention-grabbing headline to communicate the same.

For every position that you include on your LinkedIn Profile, use highlights from your Resume and keep the content concise with 6-10 lines. Make sure that you keep use action statements that show what you achieved during your term at your current or previous employers.

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